Déirdre Kelly 

'Meeting of the Waters'  ~  Cruinnú na n-Uiscí

A new map of Ireland where the East and West coasts draw closer together, to create a sort of interior lake, a land locked mixture of sea & ocean. It takes us on a 'round trip' journey of the bays, heads and points which characterise the Irish coastline. A line which unites and determines the tension between water and land. The original collage was made from a single map of Ireland in homage to his innovative use of collage by the Czech visual artist & poet, Jiří Kolář.

The title is taken from the Avoca river in County Wicklow, which starts life as two rivers, Avonmore (IrishAbhainn Mhór, "Big River") and Avonbeg (IrishAbhainn Bheag, "Small River"). Where these join is a recognised place of great beauty hence 'the Meeting of the Waters'.

Collections: British Library, University of Leeds, NIVAL, National Library of Scotland, National Gallery of Canada Library, Oxford Brookes,   Tate Gallery Library


Déirdre Kelly     'Meeting of the Waters'  ~  Cruinnú na n-Uiscí

Edition 200
designed by Christopher Taylor, published by Wild Pansy Press 
2016   Euro 44 inc P&P



Meeting of the Waters + P&P 44 Euro