Condizioni di Maria

Enrico Palandri, Déirdre Kelly

"Maria has been conceived as a contemporary 'Book of Hours' which tells a story of everyday life in a small town in rural Italy. It is carefully constructed, with text in Italian & English, eleven images (offset lithography with hand colouring) which illuminate the story. The contemplative atmosphere is set by the hand made scapular (a devotional object used for protection) which is inserted into the title page and by the aroma of Lily of the Valley which is impregnated into the final page"

Collections: University of Leeds, Yale Center for British Art, British Library, Tate Library


'Maria'   Condizioni di Maria   Enrico Palandri, Déirdre Kelly

Published in conjuction with Hardware Gallery, London, for the exhibition and artists' book project "Inside Cover."translated from Italian and Latin by Oliver James ; edited, designed and typeset by Chris Taylor. Leeds : Impress ; 2000. London : Hardware Gallery, 2000.

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Maria + P&P 80 Euro